Charles Hoskinson- Modern Day Benjamin Franklin?- A Force For Good

Charles Hoskinson- Modern Day Benjamin Franklin?- A Force For Good

Fantastic. Hilarious and yet symbolic.

This painting tells me a story of how we are shaping the future for our children through crypto and decentralized governance. Charles Hoskinson (depicted in the painting), seems to be in real life, a bit of the Benjamin Franklin of our age.  Mr. Franklin’s amazing intellect allowed him to make amazing advancements in many different disciplines for the world in his day. We still benefit from many of Mr. Franklin’s inventions to this day (

Very much like Benjamin Franklin, Charles Hoskinson’s intellect and knowledge has allowed him to expand his interests well beyond just that of cryptography into genome science with his endeavor to open a clinic, humanitarian aid, technology for remote regions, protecting and sustaining the planet.

I have personally listened to many, many hours of Charles’ personal thoughts during his YouTube AMA’s in which he sits down for A FEW HOURS with his audience in an interactive, intimate manor where nothing is off the table for conversation. One minute they will be discussing some cool throwback movie and the next discussing the accessibility of sequencing the human genome. It’s intellectual banter at its finest and the stuff which inspires great ideas in this reporter’s humble opinion.

We will undoubtedly see the impact from Charles’ efforts for millennia.  Now that’s impact.  I look with anticipation each day to Charles’ clinic, WMT endeavor, tree planting etc.  His call to crypto lovers everywhere, “Change the world for the better”.  Outstanding.  I must admit, from all my research, through Charles’ work ethic, ethos, actions and results, I am a huge fan.  Listening to Charles for a few hours, I feel like I walk away a better human being.  You might want to check it out.

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